On operating a motorised drive system, please follow the following advice and instructions. You can then avoid the risk of injury and accidents resulting from incorrect installation or connection and prevent the drive system or the end product from sustaining damage.

•Perform regular visual checks at short-term intervals to detect any damage.
•Perform regular functional checks.
•Route connection cables in such a way that they cannot get damaged, crushed or sheared off through sharp edges and corners or other moveable parts.
•Only operate the equipment in intermittent duty AB 2min/18min. Maximum continuous operation: 2 minutes. Afterwards it is essential to observe a rest period of at least 18 minutes. A further example: operation 1 min / rest period 9 min.
•Avoid overloading, continuous duty and jamming.
•Protect against moisture and damp.
•Unauthorized repairs and modifications shall render the manufacturer's warranty null and void and thus exempt the manufacturer from liability for any resulting damage.
•We draw attention to the fact that the electrical adjustment devices are not toys for children to play with. Unsupervised operation of the drives is not permitted.
•Cleaning and/or disinfecting should be carried out with care using a damp cloth. (Important: pull out mains plug beforehand!)

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