DEWERT develops, manufactures and markets electromotive drives, control units and operating elements for ergonomic applications in medical devices.

In this sector, DEWERT occupies a leading position in many markets and individual segments. The long-term goal is to ensure continued expansion, and this can only be done by permanent innovation and a high level of competitiveness as regards costs, quality and service.

Concentration on the hospital and care sector makes DEWERT the competent partner with precise knowledge of the specific requirements which product safety and quality demand, and of how to incorporate these.

In 1982, taking a green field approach, DEWERT started out with the idea of fitting electric motors to cosmetic couches. In 1992, the company became part of the Swiss Phoenix Mecano group, and now DEWERT has become a genuine global player. Today the company has more than 1,000 employees at the headquarters in Kirchlengern (Germany) and the production sites in Kecskemét (Hungary), Jiaxing (China) and Shannon (Mississippi/USA).

Close cooperation with the brand name sister company of OKIN, which specialises in drive technology for beds, seating and office furniture, ensures the development and utilisation of powerful synergies.

Phoenix Mecano's sales companies or DEWERT sales and service partners in over 30 countries provide the necessary customer service.

In recent years, electromotive drive systems have become increasingly important with regard to ergonomics in the care and hospital sector. These are developments in which DEWERT plays an active role and sets tomorrow's trends. Thanks to these factors, on-going dialogue with customers creates a strong basis for the future.

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